Farm Tours

Come visit the farm to view the operation from propagation through to harvesting. Understand what it takes to run a Protea nursery, see what it takes to be a commercial protea flower farmer. Just enjoy mother nature at work.
Tours are ONLY by appointment and on limited days of the week only.


Our experience and that of the previous owner can be provided to a variety of problems on a fixed hourly or per service basis. So whether you are
* Starting a new Protea farm
* Landscaping your garden from start
* Needing advice on pruning or planting
* Advice on spraying programs

Pruning Services

If you are feeling out of your comfort zone when it comes to pruning your proteas, conebushes and pincushions call us. Our experienced team will come and assist.
We offer this service to existing clients where they have more than 20 plants between the towns of George and Knysna on a fixed quoted fee basis.

Art, Science & Nature

Our plants and flowers have been extensively photographed by professionals. Specifically two of these are worthy of your support.

Andre van der Merwe – Aletheia Store

At we are passionate about the Protea family of plants. Not just for the opportunity to translate the primordial design canvas into innovative products of distinction, quality and beauty.  But also to make use of the opportunity to introduce the ‘Dionysian attitude of mind’ which forms part of our ethos, as counter culture to the everyday way of seeing nature and the world as object or as infinite resource. Support him!

Des Kleineibst

Des has spent the past 40+ years honing his craft specializing in Automotive Photography
for the Advertising Industry, leading to numerous local and international awards.
In between his commercial assignments, he has always photographed seascapes,
landscapes, textures and abstracts for his personal pleasure.  See the full collection!

Useful Links

Cape Flora S-A

Cape Flora SA, is a non-profit company (NPC) established in 2005 with the purpose of identifying and addressing the strategic needs of the fynbos and protea industry. Their vision is to bring about a sustainable increase in the demand for, and supply of, high value/high quality fynbos products to discerning international markets to the benefit of all role players in the South African fynbos industry.

Wild Oats Market

WILD OATS Community Farmers' Market is located on the outskirts of the tiny coastal town of Sedgefield.

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