Our Protea plants are grown from cuttings and some seeds.   They are hardened off and ready to be planted in your garden.   A few of varieties we have include:

Carnival, Cynaroides, Empress, Lancelot, Limelight, Neriifolio, Pink Ice, Red and White Repens, Red Rex, Ruby, Sharonet, Susara, Sylvia, Venus, Warratah, White Cynaroides, White Tops, Mundy Ivy, …

Leucodendrons - 'Conebush'

We stock a number of conebush which include:

Jester, Magenta Sunset, Safari Sunset, Salignum, Candles, SATulip, …

Leucospernum - 'Pincushions'

We stock a number of pincushions which include:

High Gold, Jelena, Naomi, Soleil, Veldfire, Helderfontein, Scarlet Ribbon, …


A very limited selection of ericas and phylicas are available.   We continue to expand and grow this range of plants.

Phylica Axxilaris & Ericoids, Caffra, Baureri, Glomiflora Pink & White, Elm Heath, Red Vesicolor.


We stock a number of buchu which include:

Glabrata (‘citrus’), Apiculata (‘garlic’), Lanceolata (‘honey’), Betulina (‘garden route’)

General Information

Plants are available from the farm during weekdays by appointment ONLY.

On Saturdays between 7:30 – 12:00 plants can be purchased at Wild Oats Market.

Orders of greater than 50 plants will be delivered to George, Wilderness, Sedgefield & Knysna.

Contact Us

Call us on 044 883 1145